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Just imagine…

…feeling supported every single day in your healing journey by people who understand you and have been there before you.

…having someone to guide you into deep relaxation (and wake you up at the end!) so you naturally let go of thinking.

…having all the tools you need for relaxing, releasing stress, building your energy and self healing – accessible 24 hours a day.

…learning about how healing and energy work so you’re growing your own skills, not just being worked on by someone else.

…being guided in simple techniques that help you develop your own personal spiritual connection.

…having expert advice to help you sleep better, reduce pain levels, let go of fear and worry, release anxiety and nervousness,overcome depression, protect yourself from negative energy, and so much more.

..being able to ask any question you want at any time and get live or recorded answers.

..feeling relaxed and at ease in your body after just 20 minutes of relaxation.

…being able to handle pressure without getting stressed about it.

…being part of a global community, full of people who are really willing to help you at any time of day or night– and there’s usually someone up in the world even if everyone else is asleep where you live.

For a year and a half, I’ve been working with Sarah McCrum, an incredible energy coach. To be honest, her presence in my life has been nothing short of a Godsend. Caryn Dudarevitch

I just wanted to write and tell you what a good price your relaxation has ended up being and how touched I am every time I listen to it.  What joy and relaxation and healing it has brought to me…they released me faster than I thought (from hospital), I am healthier than I thought, and am healing miraculous.  My heart is open with gratitude. Kendra Taylor

Put simply – relaxation and reducing stress is your key to health, wellbeing and self healing.

w6Combine relaxation with daily moderate exercise, varied good food and plenty of love and support (given and received) and you set yourself up for:

  • Improving chronic health conditions
  • Turning on health-promoting genes and turning off disease promoting genes
  • Lengthening telomeres which begins to reverse aging

This has been scientifically proven* over many years now, as well as being plain common sense. *See http://www.ornishspectrum.com/proven-program/the-research/ for the research.

SherriDue to recent life circumstances it became clear that I needed to find some answers to deal with stress and health issues that came up for me. I thought I was dealing with things pretty well on my own, until my health took a nose dive and I then knew it was time to ask for help. I discovered many different sources to consider.

Working with Sarah in her relaxation sessions was one of them. I attended her sessions on a daily basis for about three weeks and received profound and powerful results. I now attend 1-2 times per week on an as needed basis. Sarah skillfully guides the group to relax and connect to the light which allows one to let go of any resistance around whatever issue or concern you may be dealing with. In doing this, things have a way of unfolding in a natural and beneficial way.

I have worked with many healers and tried numerous techniques over the past thirty years and I can honestly attest that working with Sarah has been one of the most effective and gentle methods I’ve practiced. I have learned so much from the wisdom and guidance she offers. I feel that I am in a more balanced and healthy state in the few short weeks when I began attending the sessions. Sarah has a true gift as an energy worker, mentor and guide. I am so very blessed and grateful that I was guided to work with her!  

Sherri Bishop

Thank You very much for your relaxation. It was most healing thing I’ve been a part of until now, It is just really amazing how in just one single session, you cured me of my aches, which just vanished for good. During the relaxation it felt like I was being guided by a divine force, your drive and positive energy is a brilliant quality I admire. I would totally recommend this over any other form of healing or medication to begin with as its benefits are calming and long lasting. Shamin Mistry, Bali

And that’s exactly what you get with Heart of Healing Membership

As a member of Heart of Healing you get the education, tools and support you need to learn how to relax and reduce stress so your body and mind can heal themselves naturally, the way they were designed to. There are 4 keys to self healing: relaxation, education, asking questions and support.

Guided Healing Relaxations

Charming caucasian woman listening to music with headphones lyinRelaxation is essential to self healing. It helps you release negative energy, receive positive energy, recharge and rejuvenate.  You can access it in different ways through Heart of Healing.

  • The library has over 30 recorded relaxation audio downloads you can listen to on your computer or phone. There are relaxations for energy, inner peace, calming down, sleep, connecting with the light, and of course for self healing. Two new relaxations are added every week. They range from 10 to 40 minutes and if you have major problems you can listen to them all day and all night, if necessary.
  • We run three live guided relaxations online every week. These are ideal if you want to improve your skill in relaxation with some expert help, or you enjoy the power of a live session. They are also highly recommended for anyone who needs help with severe pain or other challenging symptoms.
  • Sarah offers live video conference session twice a week and she always includes a period of relaxation. This is another way you can improve your skills. And if you are having problems with relaxation, for example you think too much or feel uncomfortable, you are advised to attend one of her sessions and ask for advice. This is the fastest way to learn.
  • Relaxation topics include:
    Relaxation for calming down
    Sleep well
    Clear your mind
    Healing energy relaxation
    Relaxation for inner peace
    And many more.

Educational Video Sessions

We use video sessions to teach you everything we possibly can about self healing. It’s also the way we prefer to answer your questions, because every time we record a video we share it in the library so everyone else can learn too. You can access video sessions in several ways.

  • Colorful Close Up of using ipad young woman in the park. Touching touchscreenThere are 30 video sessions in the library which you can listen to at any time. We add two new sessions every week – sometimes more. They cover topics connected with self-healing, spirituality, relationships, energy, life purpose and anything else that seems important for you as you explore the natural path to health.
  • Sarah runs two live video sessions (by video-conferencing) every week. You are encouraged to attend at least one of these if you can  – but don’t worry, as they are always recorded too if you can’t make it live.  She teaches the principles of energy healing in these sessions and is always happy to answer questions. They are a great way to get some personal attention and to experience the power of a group energy field. This is something you have to experience, as it is difficult to describe, but definitely a powerful aid to your healing.
  •  We regularly invite guest experts, carefully hand-picked for their experience and alignment with our values, to share their knowledge with you in webinars and video-conferences. These are all added to the library so you can watch them at any time.
  • Some typical topics:
    Intention and healing
    Fundamental principles of energy
    How to increase your light
    The first step to being your true self
    And lots of healing

Your Questions Answered

Asking questions and asking for help is an absolutely essential part of learning, and of self healing. In fact, it might be the most significant part of all. Your results will be driven by your willingness to learn and your drive to change, and this shows up, above all, in the questions you ask. There are several ways to ask questions in Heart of Healing.

  • Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 4.40.51 PMAsk any question by email and wherever possible we will answer by video, which is much more powerful than answering in writing. Our aim is that your questions trigger changes for you and that our answers help you to change in the simplest, most efficient and effective way. Sarah brings 22 years  of training with two amazing Chinese Master Healers, along with her own 18 years of working with clients to every response to one of your questions and she tests everything she teaches in her own life and with clients to make sure that it works.
  • Come to a live video-conference session (held twice a week) and you can experience the extraordinary power of a group energy field. Something special happens when you ask a question in one of these sessions – you will feel the changes happening inside you at a physical and energetic level, even though you are just sitting in front of your computer.
  • Ask questions in our private Facebook group. Many of Sarah’s past and present clients are members of the group and they come from all over the world. This means there is almost always someone online, 24 hours a day, and many of them have outstanding experience of self healing , having been through the process themselves. The wonderful thing is their willingness to share their experience openly and generously. You just need to show up and ask!
  • Typical questions:
    How can I get rid of this pain?
    How do you heal (any symptom or disease)?

    I don’t feel good today and I need some help.
    How can I become happier?
    What kind of food should I eat?
    And as many questions as you can come up with.


Support is the fourth key essential for self healing. There’s nothing more discouraging than being surrounded by people who don’t understand what you’re going through or where you’re heading. The biggest problems most people have during the self healing process come from listening to other people who don’t know what they’re talking about, but just talk anyway. And unfortunately, sometimes they are amongst your family and friends. fb facesSo we will encourage you to connect with other members as much as possible and to support each other. This is a great way to learn and to heal. You can all  help each other, remind each other of the principles and even relax together online. I have seen long term friendships across the world grow between people who go through this self healing process together and you will always feel closely connected to anyone who is a member, because of the special energy you will be sharing in the sessions and relaxations.

  • Our primary mode of support is through our Facebook group, because we we have almost 24 hour live coverage. This means you rarely have to wait to get help. There’s always someone around who can help you, answer questions and encourage you. Sarah participates in the group every day and will answer questions too, unless someone else has got there before her!
  • You are recommended to turn up for video-conference live sessions whenever you can so you get to know some other members and find some familiar faces. The live sessions also give you a great level of support and a place to ask questions.
  • If you have technical questions or other issues that are not appropriate for Facebook, you can email us at any time.
3c82a45Sarah is an extraordinarily gifted person who has been able to help me grow both personally and professionally. She has a unique blend of spirituality that is grounded in practicality. Her ability to guide me to the core of the isssue/s I have needed to address sets her apart from any other coach/mentor/guide I have worked with before. If you are able to take the opportunity to work with her now, do so, because she won’t have the time once she becomes known for the results she achieves. I have personally recommended Sarah to friends and colleagues with absolute faith that she will help them transform their lives…and she has! Peter Crockett, Sunrise Beach, Australia

In the past years during my own journey in spirituality and personal growth, I have come across a variety of modalities of teachings or works from world renowned gurus. Sarah’s way in helping people is unique, holistic and profound. She just has a pair of magic eyes and ears. As soon as she hears or sees you, she knows where the problem is and gives you the solution whether it is in your own spiritual life, your relationships, your child or your business. Lingling, scientist, Western Australia

alexSarah has given me invaluable access to positive energy, spiritual education, deep relaxation and has proved a vast reservoir of practical wisdom and helpful advice. Sarah has offered astute and constructive guidance in managing relationships, building a business, staying healthy, finding happiness and pursuing a clarity of purpose. She is a great guide and wise mentor.

Alexander Blyth

Who is Heart of Healing Membership For?

Heart of Healing aims to support people who are waking up spiritually and need help with physical or emotional health and wellbeing.

  • Anyone with chronic health problems
  • Anyone with chronic pain
  • Anyone needing support while reducing or coming off medication
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to relax and reduce stress
  • Anyone who needs to balance their emotions
  • Anyone with ‘Ascension symptoms’ or other symptoms related to our evolution
  • Anyone wanting to learn self-healing based on energy with a spiritual (non religious) dimension

We have worked with clients with many different conditions, including: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, high and low blood pressure, depression, anxiety, nervousness, headaches, migraine, digestive disorders, IBS, reproductive disorders, negative energy attachments, grief, addictions, thyroid disorders, pregnancy issues, infertility, menopause symptoms, eating disorders, adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, back pain and all types of physical pain, kidney and bladder problems, excessive worry, phobias, and many more. Please ask if you want to know if Heart of Healing is appropriate for you.

We do not represent any religious group and we welcome people of all religious and spiritual beliefs. We aim to help you strengthen your unique personal connection with the Divine, rather than teach rules about how it must be done. 

Please note: we are not a medical service and do not in any way replace your medical doctor. Ww do not make any promises about specific health outcomes you could achieve using our service. We provide guidance on relaxation, reducing stress and techniques for self-healing. You are responsible for your health and you are advised to consult your doctor about any changes you want to make in your healthcare. 

Nick Kirtley

What makes Heart of Healing different?

We’re there as long as you need us – so it’s not just a teleseminar here or a healing treatment there. You can stay a member as long as you like and cancel when you don’t need us any more.

You can go to the library at any time of day or night and find something to relax, inspire, soothe, heal or simply take your mind off it. And you can also go to our Facebook group at any time of day or night, and it’s extremely likely that someone will be online.

We have experienced members from UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand and other places in between, so it’s always daytime for someone.

Everyone becomes a healer. Sarah McCrum shares her knowledge of healing and energy in every session so you learn the skills and techniques yourself. You will end up being able to heal yourself and help others, simply by spending time learning and relaxing in the Heart of Healing sessions.

You can use our live and recorded sessions to support you at home, at work, on holiday –  wherever you need to relax, re-energise, let go, rebalance or heal.

People frequently comment on Heart of Healing’s down to earth, practical, experiential spirituality. There’s no fluff and we don’t encourage you to be floating through your life in some kind of dreamy, drifty state of false positivity. We want you to get real, tangible results in your life, to solve whatever problems are stopping you from experiencing full health and wellbeing and ultimately to become a shining example for others.

Jacqueline Shaulis, Awesome Enterprises

What’s it worth?

There are several answers to that question.

  • Fotolia_14154276_Subscription_XL copy.jpgWhat price can you put on your health and wellbeing? If you’ve lost your health you already know how valuable it is. Probably your only question is “Will this work for me?” Have a look at what other people say about it below and try it out. It’s risk free. If you don’t like it you can get a refund in the first month and cancel at any time after that.
  • The education (video sessions and guided relaxations) you get each month as a member is estimated to be worth $950*.
  • The library already contains 45 sessions worth over $2000 (increasing weekly).
  • Some people would charge around $500 per month for the level of 24 hour support you can access through Heart of Healing.We’re lucky because we already have a network of people who have studied with Sarah before. They are very experienced and love to help people. We hope you will become one of those people in the future too.
  • To get the equivalent support from an acupuncturist or other alternative health therapist, you’d probably need to visit at least 2 or 3 times a week, which could cost you $600 per month or much more.
*Based on the value of selling each item as a separate product.

The last few years of my life had been difficult because my health was not the way I was used to.

I did not have as much energy as I was used to and progressively I was having more and more pain in my back and neck and I was getting headaches. Small tasks would wear me out and my energy would get depleted very quickly and I needed more sleep than I used to.

This was very discouraging because it was keeping me from all the things I wanted to get done. I could not participate in family events, I could not see my loved ones and although I had a wonderful husband and family I felt very isolated and frustrated because I  could not enjoy my fabulous life.

I had tried going to different doctors, including naturopaths, and tried massage and relaxation methods of different kinds and meditation and nothing seemed to work at all. Massages that I’d tried in the past had taken care of the knots and tightness in my back and shoulders and lower back and neck for a little while but it seemed like all the tightness would come back, and I was told my adrenals were the major problem and I needed to relax and bring my stress level down.

You probably know as well as I do that meditation can be challenging sometimes when you’re trying to sit there and not think about anything and everything in the world comes to your mind. Its very hard to concentrate on not thinking about anything and I was not able to achieve that.

But when I went to Sarah, in the first 5 minutes of the first session, just sitting in front of the computer in a webinar along with people from all over the world, all the knots in my neck, shoulders and back were gone.  I felt wonderful and throughout the whole relaxation I got more and more relaxed and it felt fantastic. And that night I was very serene and calm and I slept the whole night and I woke up very energsied, relaxed and refreshed. So I decided to go a few more times to see if it would happen again because it seemed very peculiar just sitting front of a computer with someone talking to you.

I started going to her sessions regularly and every time I would feel better and better and I would be feeling more and more energy and I was very happy. I would have my ups and downs and Sarah always told me that when you’ve been bottling up stress for a long time in your body, when you relax and open up all the stored up stuff it comes to the surface and that might make you feel bad for a short time. but that is just to release it out of your system. So I would have situations like that for a short while and then after that I would feel fantastic.

I’ve been doing it for the last 7 or 8 months now and its been amazing. I can say honestly that I haven’t felt this good in over 20 years.

Firoozeh Bowden

More about Sarah McCrum

IMG_0889 2Sarah is a healer at heart, although she didn’t start out that way.

A traditional British education at boarding school and Cambridge University led her into becoming a school teacher, but she found the atmosphere of schools stifling.

She left after a few years and went to work for the BBC in an attempt to improve the education system. She spent some years making radio programmes sharing ‘best practice’ in education and ended up becoming a specialist in interviewing children.

She then travelled all over the world, recording hundreds of children as they poured their hearts out talking about their lives, and gradually came to the conclusion that the real problem was a lack of education at all ages and in all cultures about life itself.

When her sister died of a brain tumour at the age of 28, Sarah was propelled into looking for much deeper answers to the big questions of life. This started her on a path of healing and learning about energy. S

he studied with two Chinese Masters for over 20 years and became a healer and energy coach, working with over 3,000 people across several continents. As she explored the incredible transformations people could achieve with energy, she realised there was still something missing and so began a search for a more spiritual approach.

She learned how to open her own heart and how to connect with the Light/Divine and knew that this is what people are so often looking for, but don’t know where to find it. Heart of Healing is a way people can access education and support to grow this connection through their desire for better health and wellbeing.

Sarah is now exploring how we can reach our full potential as human beings so we feel a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Then we will be able to choose the contribution we want to make in life and achieve what we dream of in our hearts.

Susan James

And we have a few gifts we’d like to offer you too…

gift 1How To Ground Your Energy and Protect Yourself From Negative Influences

Video course with David Router and Sarah McCrum

David Router is an extraordinary energy healer who has developed his own system to assist your energy to come alive in ways we’ve never experienced before. In the most gentle, natural way imaginable, he shows you energetically how to reconnect with the original energy senses that all human beings have access to, but almost all of us have lost touch with.

In this video course he teaches you how to ground your energy properly, which is really important for people who think too much, anyone doing meditation, people interested in spirituality, healers/therapists and highly sensitive people – in fact all of us could benefit from grounding the way David teaches. This is a simple exercise you can do each morning and evening, which only takes a few minutes but is highly beneficial.

He also leads you through an exercise to help you naturally shut out and protect yourself from unwanted negative energy influences, for example from crowded places like shopping malls and sports matches. Anyone who is highly sensitive will benefit especially from this exercise.

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Value: $147

gift 2(2)Relaxation To Share With Friends And Family

You will soon find your friends and family asking what you’re doing and wanting some of what you’ve got. Relaxation and happiness are very infectious. So we’re going to give you a relaxation download that we want you to share freely with anyone who needs it. No need to ask for permission or worry about copyright!

It’s a beautiful experience to sit down with someone you love and relax together – and if they’re in pain it’s such a gift to have something that will really help.

Duration: 30 minutes   Value: $47

gift 3Children’s Relaxation Downloads

Children respond very directly to guided relaxation and can often heal pain and everyday ills in a matter of minutes.

We are giving you 2 relaxations downloads recorded specially for children.

1. To help children sleep well and let go of nighttime fears.

2. To help children overcome stomach pain.

Duration: 2 x 15 minutes

Value: $67

A child drew this picture of the energy (sparkles) in and around her body after listening to this relaxation. The other picture is of her body draining out old, blocked energy.

A child drew this picture of the energy (sparkles) in and around her body after listening to this relaxation. The picture  to the right is of her body draining out old, blocked energy.

And this picture by the same child shows the negative energy draining out of her body

Firoozeh Bowden

Satisfaction Guaranteed BadgeOur 100% guarantee to you

We want you to be highly satisfied with Heart of Healing and we would love you to talk to all your friends about us.

If you’re not satisfied in any way please let us know as soon as possible, and tell us why. We will do everything we can to solve the problem.

And if you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days you can cancel your membership at any time and get a 100% refund. We would prefer it if you would tell us why you’re leaving, but you don’t need to.  And you can keep any relaxations you have already downloaded. 

After your first 30 days you can cancel your membership at any time, either in the membership area of the website or by sending us an email. Your membership will then continue until the date you are paid up until.

Sue Fitzmaurice, Author

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