3 Keys To Discovering Your Life Purpose

butterflies two on same stem (flkr credit Felix Francis)

with Sarah McCrum  |  USA  11 Mar at 12.30pm (PST)  |  UK 11 Mar at 8.30pm  |  AUS 12 Mar at 6.30am (QLD)

  • Discover how to connect with your spiritual purpose, which is the highest level and allows for everything else to make more sense.
  • Find out where you fit in the big picture of your own life.
  • Explore how to express your life purpose in your daily life – whatever it looks like at the moment.

Sarah shares these simple but powerful keys for unlocking answers to the biggest questions in life, including your life’s purpose. You will try them out during the session and then you can practise at home any time and as often as you want. You will learn techniques that will help you for the rest of your life.

To participate you need to be a Full Member ($90US)/mo.) or you can just purchase this session ($35US). The session will be recorded so you can listen later if you are unable to join us live.

“In the past years during my own journey in spirituality and personal growth, I have come across a variety of modalities of teachings or works from world renowned gurus. Sarah’s way in helping people is unique, holistic and profound. She just has a pair of magic eyes and ears. As soon as she hears or sees you, she knows where the problem is and gives you the solution whether it is in your own spiritual life, your relationships, your child or your business.” LingLing, scientist, Western Australia

Photo from Flickr by Felix Francis


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