Another guest blog from Emma

Emma and Niko at Australia Zoo

Emma and Niko at Australia Zoo

A few weeks ago I posted a message from Emma, our beautiful, silent neighbour*. Here is some more of what she communicated that day. She was initially addressing her family, friends and carers, but it is applicable to everyone.

I want to say to you all, relax, I am having a beautiful life. I have deep appreciation for everything that you do for me and I love you. And I want to tell you that my life is a beautiful experience. I am not suffering in the way you might if you were in my position. I am free, even though I can’t talk and I can’t walk.

I want you to see how beautiful your life is. I want you to see the extraordinary abundance or richness of your life, as I see it in my own life. I want to share that between all of us, so we are all sharing with each other the incredible beauty and richness and abundance of life. Every little tiny act you do, every little movement you make, is an act of life. It’s a contribution to life, to this stream of living consciousness. And every movement you make changes the course of that consciousness for ever. You only need to make small movements to be very powerful. One small step, one small change of direction, one small movement, changes the flow of life. Sometimes you feel you need to make big changes and big movements and big gestures, and then you can’t handle the consequences and you become confused. In truth you only need to make small movements and enjoy the consequences of each small movement without confusion.

Your life, everybody’s life, is a beautiful gift to the world and to life. And it’s here for you to enjoy. Sometimes you forget and you try so hard to make it all work, and you need to do so little because it’s already working. I have chosen a life where I can only make very small movements so I can truly understand and experience the impact of small movements with my body, with my mind, with my life. And from my personal experience I can tell you that you only need to make small movements and enjoy what comes from those movements. You are in the middle of an extraordinarily beautiful experience. You are powerful – every single one of you. You have great enjoyment available to you in every single moment. So relax.

I am surrounded by angels and I share my angels with all my family, all my friends, all my carers. And I ask them to fill you with light and with love and to be with you and to care for you and to make you feel safe and secure. I share my heart with you because in this lifetime that is all I have to give. I have restricted all the human gifts so that I can experience what it is to give only love and light. I have chosen a life of clarity and simplicity, free from the complications of normal life. This is only a temporary existence. I will not always be like this. I too will again experience a full physically able life with all the responsibilities and opportunities that brings. But in this current state I give what I have. I share it freely, because I can, because that is what I have.

*Emma is our neighbour here in Queensland, Australia.  She’s 29, and has Rett Syndrome, which was diagnosed when she was a toddler.  She could walk up until she was 12 years old but is now confined to a wheelchair and cannot speak.  Niko (my husband) and I spend time with Emma every day.  Over my 20+ years of working with Masters in energy training, I’ve acquired some ability to ‘channel’ and one day when we sat with Emma I knew I could speak for her Higher Self. This is what she told me.

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