Get Clarity in Your Relationship

unhappy couple (flkr credit Ed Yourdon)

with Sarah McCrum  |  USA11 Mar 1.30pm (PST)|  UK 11 Mar 8.30pm  |  AUS 12 Mar 6.30am (QLD)

  • Find peace and a way forward in a difficult or painful relationship.
  • Discover the extraordinary opportunity to become more authentic that lies behind relationship challenges.
  • Open your heart and feel more love in any relationship you’d like to improve.

Come prepared with questions – or just listen if you want to learn. This is an open Q&A session where Sarah will explore any relationship questions you bring in a way that will help you find a way forward and will also enlighten everyone else in the group.

Please note: the session will be recorded and it may be made available in the library. It is better to ask questions that are general rather than personal, and to ask for help with the issue rather than to vent your frustrations about your relationship(s). 

To participate you need to be a Full Member ($90US)/mo.) or you can just purchase this session ($35US). The session will be recorded so you can listen later if you are unable to join us live.

“Although I chose to focus on a family relationship … what happened is that my heart opened to love itself.  And that pure love began to manifest itself virtually everywhere possible…reflecting love back to me…at incredibly intense levels. What I found was that in every situation, negative and positive, the experience of love with a purely open heart was the only force that mattered … the innocence of it and the reality of it defied human logic.” Caryn D.

Photo by Ed Yourdan

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