Be a light in your own life – guest blog by Emma

20130314_160651A message from Emma

Be a light in your own life, so you’re a light to other people. It’s that simple. You don’t need to have anything, you don’t need to prove anything, you don’t need to be anything and you don’t need to be anybody. There is nothing that can be so wrong with you that you cannot be a light in your own life and with those around you. Even if you cannot talk, you cannot walk, even if you cannot do anything for yourself there is nothing in the world that can stop you from being a light in your own life and in the life of other people, especially those who are close to you and all around you. And there is no limit to how bright you can be, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your life looks like on the outside. So I want to suggest you to pause for a moment. Listen to all the noise inside you and ask yourself is that truly light? Am I really shining? And if the circumstances in your life are such that it feels complicated and difficult and it’s hard to shine, for a moment just imagine that you can’t speak, you can’t walk, you can’t do any of the things you can normally do and so you can only shine. You can only be a light. You have no other opportunity or possibility in your life. For a few minutes allow yourself to be so disabled as a human being that you can only be a light. And stay there for a little while. Experience life as it truly is. You are a light in this world. Never forget that. That is your truth. And from time to time in the middle of all the confusion, all the chaos of your daily life, take a few moments without speech, without movement, without normal human abilities, and find your inner truth, your light, and share it. Let it shine. Let it shine right now. And always.

Emma is our neighbour here in Queensland, Australia.  She’s 29, and has Rett Syndrome, which was diagnosed when she was a toddler.  She could walk up until she was 12 years old but is now confined to a wheelchair and cannot speak.  Niko (my husband) and I spend time with Emma every day.  Over my 20+ years of working with Masters in energy training, I’ve acquired some ability to ‘channel’ and one day when we sat with Emma I knew I could speak for her Higher Self.  This is what she told me.


  1. LOVE this Sarah – everything about it. An amazing story 🙂

  2. Truly amazing. Thank you Emma. Xxx

  3. i dont agree. story is amazing, bt its not a way getting energized by comparing onself wd some disabled or any other who lacks anything. m nt convinced, sorry.

    • My experience with Emma, more than anything else in my life, has shown me that we all develop different abilities and we can appreciate each person for what he or she offers. For example an outstanding basketball player might not be an inspiring example in his personal relationship, but this does not in any way detract from his basketball ability. You might choose to learn basketball from him, but you would not want to learn relationship from him. In this particular case Emma has inspired many people around her because of her light and love – these are qualities many of us could benefit from. I would not ask her to teach me how to talk better:-)


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