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digital portraitHow aware are you of the changes that are currently taking place in our society, and especially our technology?

Let me ask that once again – how aware are you really?

I spent the day yesterday listening to Roger Hamilton, brilliant futurist, social entrepreneur and Founder of Wealth Dynamics. What I heard has such far-reaching implications for all of us that I have to share some of it here.

It is predicted that Artificial Intelligence will become more powerful than human intelligence somewhere between 2020 and 2045. That’s very close! And it makes most of what we may be planning to do with our minds pretty much redundant already.

I used to be scared of this because it is always discussed as though intelligence is all we have as human beings. But yesterday it pushed me to ask the question “What is the essence of the human experience?” That is the bit that AI would not have – and it is the part that we can specialise in.

It seems to be a pretty important question that every adult and child needs to be asking right now. It is conceivable that within a very short time we could let AI solve all our practical problems while we focus on having a truly human experience. But only if we choose it and prepare ourselves!

It is said that in 2025 the first commercial copy of a human body will be produced, in 2030 the first artificial brain and in 2045 it could be that human beings are more machine than biology.

It is tempting to ignore these facts as they seem so far-fetched given our recent past, but the science is already happening and it is very unlikely to stop. In my opinion it is better to be informed and prepared (if that is at all possible) than to pretend everything is going to continue the same as it is.

There’s a lot more that I could share and it just builds up a clearer and clearer picture of the massive change we are undergoing already. Our education systems are likely to be almost unreognisable before our younger teenagers have reached university.

And yet, we continue to make decisions based in past experience – even based on 20 or 30 years ago. This doesn’t make sense.

However there is truly an opportunity in all this uncertainty. To consider what it means to be human. To ask ourselves what life is really all about. To take responsibility as individuals and in communities for the future we are creating, consciously or by default (and by default means it is other people’s consciousness that will be running our lives).

And there is one part that the futurists seem to be unaware of, so far. There are many people who are psychic, channels or have other rather esoteric gifts, who are telling us repeatedly that the human race is also being upgraded right now. Our consciousness is being raised. We are moving into a higher dimension. We are being released from the fear-driven mindset that has dominated humanity for thousands of years.

Whether you believe this kind of stuff or not, I encourage you to consider the possibility that it might be true. That the massive increase in the speed of development  of technology might also be reflected in an equally massive increase in the development of human beings.

Just suppose that is what is happening right now! Perhaps it is the reason so many people are ‘waking up’. Perhaps it is also the reason why life is feeling so uncomfortable to many people who are not aware of these changes.

Personally I believe that the most important thing right now is to become conscious of who we really are. To align ourselves with our deepest values and to learn how to live by them as best we can. And to take full responsibility for ourselves and our lives, dropping our tendency to behave like victims whenever we feel a little out of control.

This means asking questions. Big questions. Even the biggest questions of all, like: Who am I? Why am I here? What is life?What is my life all about? What am I contributing to life? How can I live my greatest potential?

If we ask these kinds of questions we might be able to create the most extraordinary future – in our own lifetime.

Sarah McCrum

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