From coffee to ecstasy

sky highAs human beings we have a natural attraction to the Light, just as trees and plants are naturally drawn to grow upwards towards the sun. There appears to be an almost universal desire for love, peace, joy and many other other feelings and experiences that are associated with the Light. This desire is so strong that we will often seek these feelings in any way we can. If we do not have access to the knowledge and teaching that can lead us to experience these feelings within ourselves we naturally look around to see where else we can find them.

There is an interesting range of options available to us which usually give very fast results:

Sugar – for sweetness
Caffeine – for more energy
Cannabis – to feel relaxed, laid back and easy going
Alcohol – to feel uninhibited and free
Cigarettes – for feelings of well-being and pleasure
Ecstasy – to feel connected and loving towards everyone
And there are many other popular substances which will help you feel high, liberated, detached, euphoric, or will give you an experience of magic, visions, intensification of colour and sound and much more.

It is hardly surprising that there is such extensive use of mind-altering substances at this time in our history? We are experiencing an unprecedented growth in self-development and spirituality. If you do not know how to access good feelings by connecting with the Light (in some form or other), and you are born into a generation that has such a strong desire for this connection, what can you do? You have to find it somehow – it’s more than an urge. It’s almost a compulsion.

I am not advocating taking mind-altering substances to give you spiritual and uplifting experiences. Unfortunately the after effects do not make for long-term satisfaction. But I do feel that it is important to be aware that it is our nature to seek those feelings –  and more so now than ever before. This is a step in our evolution. It is driving us to seek the Light, to investigate spirituality and to open up our hearts to new ways of being and feeling.

All these feelings can be attained in ways that do no harm to the body – in fact quite the reverse. It often takes longer, maybe much longer, to reach the high through meditation and other practices, but every time you do it you are rewiring yourself to be able to do it again – and more quickly. The longer term effects of dosing yourself repeatedly with mind-altering practices (rather than substances) include gradual and lasting increase in natural health, happiness, love, peace and joy in life.

And if we really want to reduce dependency on harmful substances the simplest way is to increase dependency on positive practices. Each person who masters his or her own happiness, relaxation, energy, love, inner peace and enjoyment of life is a great example for someone else.

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