How To Demystify Your Relationship And Understand Your Partner Better

with Aleksandra Dorann


USA Sunday 6th April at 1pm (PST)
UK Sunday 6th April at 9pm
Aus Monday 7th April at 6am (QLD)
Singapore 7th April at 4am

Discover the secrets of relationship from ancient Chinese metaphysics to help you understand and connect more deeply with your partner.

Learn about how the energy of relationships changes over time so you can let go of trying to get back to your initial romance and enjoy fully the stage you are at now.

Explore how the energies of two people combine and sometimes clash in relationship and how to make the most of your combination.

Find out how you can consciously support your relationship by understanding the dynamics of your combined energies.


alex photoAleksandra Dorann graduated in molecular biology in Ljubljana University and started her career in genetics and embryology. While she was still a student she met her first Chinese teacher who ignited her passion for exploring the secrets of life. She began to practice qi gong on a daily basis, and studied the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with Bazi Destiny Readings. She has travelled to China many times and trained with several renowned teachers. She graduated from the  Mastery Academy in Kuala Lumpur with a Diploma in Chinese Metaphysics and became an instructor of Joey Yap’s academy. She has now been a full time consultant in Chinese Metaphysics for several years and teaches Feng Shui, Bazi, I Ching and Date Selection. She is also a personal coach and healer and leads online energy relaxations.

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