How To Navigate The Challenging Energy Of 2014

horse-260373_1280You may already be feeling it – the energy this year is not easy to handle for most of us. For example if you noticed an increase in tension between you and your partner, the likelihood is that it is not so much about the two of you, but more about the energy of the year.

Last week Aleksandra Dorann, expert in Chinese Metaphysics, presented a webinar on just this topic. She showed how the very powerful energy of the Wood Horse (according to the Chinese system) plays out in our lives during the year and how to handle it. Just look at the power of the horse in the picture.

Her main message was that this is a year full of fire, with very little to control or tame it. That means  there can be a lot of destruction, just as a forest fire destroys the forest. The good news is that this kind of destruction makes way for new growth, but it is important that we all keep our nerves during the destructive phase.

So I want to encourage you, if you are feeling more tension, conflict or destruction in any area of your life, especially since the beginning of February when the Chinese year began, not to take it too personally. There are much bigger forces in our lives than what is happening just around us and it is hard to escape them.

Here are some tips to make it easier.

  • Take time for daily meditation or relaxation to keep you calm and peaceful.
  • Don’t take conflict too seriously – understand that there is conflict in the air (so to speak) and it is not just about you or the other person.
  • Remind yourself regularly that this is a period of clearing out old ways that don’t work well any more to make way for new ways., which can also create new happiness.
  • You have a chance to contribute to that process by asking yourself what kind of world you want to live in and doing whatever you can to be an example of your vision in your own life.
  • If all else fails, remind yourself that it will not last for ever. Next year will be different energy.

Aleksandra will be repeating her webinar this week, so if you missed it I highly recommend you join us to find out more. It is worth knowing what’s going on at an energetic level – it takes the pressure off challenging situations and helps you to find strategies to handle is better. If you cannot attend at that time we will be recording it and will send out the recording to everyone who signs up.

| USA 18 Mar at 12pm (PST) | UK 18 Mar at 7pm | AUS 19 Mar at 5am (QLD) | Sing 19 Mar at 3am  |

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 Sarah McCrum, Found Heart of Healing

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