Inspired by Lao Tzu

Be simple and all truth will be revealed.
Be complicated  and you will see but little.
Be empty and the fullness of life wil be yours.
Fill your mind and your life will be truly empty.
Seek for a lot and you will find less.
Seek for one thing and on the way you will enjoy many experiences.
Speak your truth and truth will be spoken to you.
Hide your truth and you will be surrounded by lies.
Rise up and you will be on high.
Stay low and you will not be able to see the view.
Surrender and you will win the day.
Fight and strive all day for no result.
For he who is soft shall be the toughest one.
He who is hard will break himself with his own hardness.
He who is true will possess great riches.
He who lies will lose all.
Those who seek the light are lit along the path.
Those who play with darkness can never find their way.
Those who seek reward may find it now but later lack for richness.
Those who seek to live are rewarded with life itself.
Cruel is the world for those who contain cruelty within their being.
But soft and infinitely giving is the world for those who approach it with love and grace.
Go gently on your way but with great determination.
Be soft with all people that they may feel your true power.
Provide a light to all those who are lost in the darkness and the light of life will shine on you.
Lead the way for those who seek it and you will find the way for all eternity.
Blessed are they who feel blessed. Lucky are they who feel grateful.
But when it comes to love may all men, women and children feel the constant love of God without regard to who or what they are, for love is the truth of life, true for all people in all places at all times for all eternity.

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