Lightbearer Mentorship

with Sarah McCrum

|  USA every Tuesday at 1pm (PST)  |  UK ever Tuesday at 8pm  |  Aus every Wednesday at 6am (QLD)  |

  • Discover and connect with your life purpose
  • Connect with the Light and receive Divine guidance
  • Solve any problems that are getting in the way
  • Take action so you can see your progress from week to week
  • Be accountable for your actions to yourself and the group
  • Be part of a community of lightbearers – connect with each other, work with each other and inspire each other, online and offline

If you make a commitment to attend this session every week it will help you put your life purpose as your top priority.This will filter into everything else you do.

If you connect with each other between sessions you will make great things happen.

Sarah will support you to discover and remember who you really are, stay on track, get Divine support for solving problems, remain in integrity and take powerful aligned action. She will also challenge you at times, coach you when you need it, encourage, inspire and teach and remind everyone from time to time that the world is changing very fast and we need to be as awake and conscious as we possibly can if we want to influence the direction we are moving in.


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