Love Yourself, Love Your Life (for teenagers)

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with Sarah McCrum  |  USA Sundays at 3pm (PST)  |  AUS Mondays at 9am (QLD)

For teenagers only (15 to 17) – a weekly chance to explore topics that are rarely discussed elsewhere.

  • Find out the secrets of happiness.
  • Discover how to handle pressure from many different directions.
  • Learn the most important things about life – things that your parents may still be struggling with.
  • Let go now of the pressure surrounding self-image, self esteem, conforming to others’ expectations.
  • Figure out who you really are.
  • Deal with other people’s negative energy.
  • Balance your desire for independence wit your parents’ need for your safety.
  • React with wisdom and maturity rather than drama and emotion so you get what you want in a way that works for everyone.

The session begins with 10 to 15 minutes relaxation to let go of stress and pressure and help you open up. Then the discussion will follow your questions. You are welcome to discuss problems that you can’t solve on your own as well as how to make your life as successful and fulfilling as you possibly can.

“My teenage daughter was suffering from needing to control everything resulting in body image, peer pressure, self doubt and mild depression. Sarah is a master.  My daughter is blossoming into a beautiful flower as these problems melt away.  She is finding her own inner power and is really starting to lover herself. She knows now that she owns her life, it will be hers, and it will be wonderful. What more can I say.  Thank you Sarah.” Denise Reaves, Scottsdale, Arizona


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