How To Open Your Heart And Save Your Relationship

From: Sarah McCrum, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Imagine how things would change if you could truly open your heart and feel connected again.

If you are interested in moving on from the past and feeling soft and loving again, rather than cold, hardhearted or disengaged… then this message could be life-changing.

Here’s how:

I have created an online course called, “Open Your Heart.” It gives you a simple 12 step formula for opening your heart. It shows you clearly why your closest relationships have hurt you so much that you closed down. And how to turn things around so you discover the keys to your own heart and reconnect with love and true forgiveness. 

It is a life-changing experience – and often changes the other person as well, even if they don’t know you’re doing the course.

Just imagine…

…being able to look at a person who has hurt you many times with softness in your heart, genuine friendship and love and  forgiveness that allows you both to let go and move on

…or if you could talk with each other openly and freely like you used to, feel connected again and truly enjoy each other’s company?

…or simply being seen for who you really are and  being free to be you.

This is possible. In fact, from what I have discovered, I would say that this is the most important thing you can possibly learn from relationships. But it is important to know how to do it the right way so it is powerful and transformative. That’s what “Open Your Heart” is all about.

How is this course different?

I’ve worked with a lot of people who have tried very hard to forgive the people who have hurt them. But they have not been able to move on and let go of the past. They are still keeping themselves small, afraid that if they step up or show up more or really be themselves they will be hurt again.

941145_259470707531020_1739109341_nOften they have done a lot of courses and read a lot of books, and they have done really well on forgiving some truly terrible behavior in others, although they often struggle to forgive themselves. And they somehow missed the essence – the part that makes it all make sense.

This is not anyone’s fault. I don’t believe the books and courses were wrong. But we are evolving very fast right now, and it’s time to take the next step.

For the last 15 years I have been helping people solve relationship problems every day. People who were absolutely determined to create profound change in their closest, heart-based relationships and actually succeeded.

Over the years I discovered that there is a reason why unbelievably painful things happen to us. And that reason is so profound and so valuable, once you are aware of it, that it shifts your whole perception and experience of yourself – and your life. So much so that you will never need to suffer from relationships in the same way again, once you understand what’s really going on.

It’s practical and almost magical

So I put all that experience into an online course  you can do at home in your own time. And because the course is yours to keep you can do it over and over again, with any relationship that is troubling you.

Since it’s based on real people’s real experience and real solutions it doesn’t have any fluff in it. In fact I have avoided most of the theory and just concentrated on a process that I lead you through, step by step. It works because that’s how things work.

When you follow the steps you’ll discover an almost magical process that reminds you what life is really all about. You will find your heart becomes more and more open – it’s as simple as that. And it’s one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

Let’s have a look at what you’ll experience in “Open Your Heart”:

A simple 12 step formula that unlocks your heart, even if you have been hurt over and over again.

  1. How to let go of stress, worry and anxiety and find peace of mind.
  2. How to identify your dissatisfaction in a powerful way that prepares you to let it go.
  3. How to say goodbye to the inner victim who is keeping you stuck in the past and won’t let you move on.
  4. How to clearly identify and express your negative feelings in a way that releases them.
  5. How to recognise your own part in the situation and turn it into one of the most powerful life lessons you have ever learned.
  6. How to recognise the true contribution the other person is making to your life and discover natural gratitude and appreciation – no need to pretend or fake it!
  7. How to forgive with your heart so you can connect and feel love for each other again.
  8. How to totally forgive yourself and release years of blame, anger and resentment.
  9. How to connect with what you really really want for yourself.
  10. How (and why) to put yourself first – without being selfish.
  11. How to make a powerful commitment to yourself and your own life that will take you forward feeling more authentically you than ever before.
  12. How to make peace in all your relationships and discover the joy of being in your heart most of the time.

And there’s a whole lot more

In a survey I carried out on Facebook I asked people what was their biggest question about relationship problems. Many of their questions are answered by doing this course.

i_still_love_you_hasnaa_by_hady_sh.jpg.jpgRed-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to build trust again
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to feel content and loving while sharing a life with someone who has emotionally hurt you on and off for many years.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to come to peace with a partner who may never truly accept you for who you are.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to deal with the remnants of old relationship pain, even if the person has passed away or is no longer part of your life.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny What you can do when your child or parent rejects you and you feel powerless to do anything about it.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to release your inner victim and feel powerful again.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to put the past behind you with no residual guilt, shame or lingering emotional pain or anxiety?
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to forgive and forget.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Have an inner knowing when to give up on the relationship and when to keep going.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to find a true path between being able to manifest whatever you desire and not being able to control other people’s lives.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Tips and techniques for emptying your mind of negative thoughts and pointless mental conversations.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny Experience for yourself what a healed relationship actually looks and feels like.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to reach the ‘big click’ – where it all suddenly begins to make perfect sense and you actually feel grateful for everything that’s happened (amazingly!).
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to love yourself more than you ever have before – and understand just how important that is.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to forgive in a way that transforms the other person as well.
Red-Heart-3-psd23942 tiny How to discover the true you, in the middle of your greatest and most painful moments – this is the real gold because once you understand it you will never forget.

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What’s a course like this worth?

It took me around 18 months of weekly private consultations costing $180 each (so over $12,000) to really absorb and learn what I am sharing in the course, and that was after many years of full-time and part-time personal development training, 15 years of teaching, I spent a further  year working on and refining the process to make it as simple, accessible and effective as possible. To make it so it really works.

This isn’t a technique copied from other people’s books and courses. I share my experience throughout the course and that’s what makes it so powerful. When someone knows personally what they are teaching it goes so much quicker and more easily for their students than it did for them. That’s why I am able to condense so much learning into a simple step by step process – giving you the essence, without the distractions.

This is why I feel  “Open Your Heart” is really good value at $197.

When I discovered the ‘click’ that makes this course work, I wanted to share it as widely as possible. I don’t have time to do it in private consultations and many people couldn’t afford it anyway, so I made an online course insteda. The beautiful thing is that it actually works better as a home study course than any other way.

Get started now!

Open Your Heart is delivered directly to your computer. When you buy the course you are taken straight to a special website (called Udemy) and you can start immediately. The whole course is right there in front of you and you can follow it at exactly the speed that suits you. Do it all in one day or take it over a couple of weeks.

This is what the course looks like

This is what the course looks like on your computer

For each of the 12 sections you will find written instructions along with an audio meditation, a video and some journaling or writing. Everything is explained clearly and simply, using audio, video and text. It’s easy to follow and suits different learning styles. And it’s logically laid out, step by step. As long as you follow all the steps, in order, it works.

Each step takes approximately 30 minutes. If you like to delve more deeply into things you can expand that through your journaling and reflection, but it’s not necessary if you prefer to move more quickly.

You listen to the audios and watch the videos on the webpage and you can also download the audios to your computer so you can use them again. There are 140 minutes of audio in total and 130 minutes of video.

You can start right away if you like and take it at your own pace, stopping and starting whenever you want.

Support is available each step of the way through the course discussion board where you can ask questions, connect with other people who are doing the course and contact me for help.

The learning is practical and emotional, not intellectual. The whole course is heart-based. All you need to get started is the desire to change and the willingness to look at things from a different perspective.

Once you have completed the course once you can use it over and over again. You will also receive a condensed version, which only takes one to two hours. You can use this at any time with any relationship problems you come across in the future.

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This $197 could be one of the most valuable investments you will ever make in yourself and your own life. And don’t worry, if for any reason you’re not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

100% risk free money back guarantee

I want you to be happy with the course and I want it to work for you. So if you’re not satisfied with what you learn from “Open Your Heart” you can ask for a 100% refund in the first 30 days after you buy the course. Just follow the instructions on the website.

I also want to add in some free bonuses because I know they will help you get even more out of the course.

Red-Heart-3-psd23942 small FREE BONUS #1: “The Relationship Panel” 

This 120 minute bonus video shares with you how it’s really possible to turn close relationships around. Three people who have experienced extraordinary relationship transformations talk in detail about what they did, what they learned and how it worked. There’s nothing as powerful as listening to people like you who are just a few steps ahead. They will inspire you, encourage you and show you what’s possible.
You’ll discover:

  • How a wife (and mother of two children) transformed her marriage and how her partner changed from being aggressive and threatening to being the friendly, loving man she had originally fallen in love with.
  • How a young woman learned to treat interfering, disrespectful family members with lightheartedness and humour, even when they did the things that would usually drive her absolutely crazy.
  • How one woman divorced without animosity, hatred or any desire to hurt the other person and remained very good friends.
  • How to put yourself first, even when you have children, and why that’s not selfish.

Red-Heart-3-psd23942 small FREE BONUS #2: Searching for Happiness

With this 60 minute bonus video Sarah McCrum share the essentials she learned through a 25 year search for happiness and how she eventually found it right inside her. As you become free of relationship suffering and find yourself again this video will help you find your own happiness.
Here’s what is revealed:
  • How to reconnect with your own inner happiness.
  • How to experience the happiness you could easily feel as a child but may have lost touch with as an adult.
  • How to feel connected and at ease with everything that is going on in your life.

Value: $97


Red-Heart-3-psd23942 small FREE BONUS #3: Beyond Open Your Heart 

By the time you’ve finished watching this bonus video you’ll know what to expect when you really master the Open Your Heart formula.
Here’s a short list of what this bonus contains:

  • How to keep your heart open in the long term.
  •  How to reconnect with love when you are tempted to drop back into resentment, bitterness or blame.
  • How to make peace in all the significant relationships of your life.
  • How to see the perfection of your life, even when it doesn’t feel very perfect.

Value: $97

What do other people say about Open Your Heart?

“So far, I’ve done Open Your Heart on two of the three most significant relationships in my life and I’m totally blown by what it has given me. In one I finally have much needed peace, and in the other, I feel more capable of loving and caring for them. But more importantly, I’ve noticed that I feel freer and more confident in other parts of my life as a direct result of doing this work. The ‘medicine’ (Open Your Heart) is extraordinary, but the ‘side effects’ are totally off the chart!” ~ A. S., Santa Fe, NM

“This course can be life changing when sincere about doing it honestly and as fully as possible. I don’t mean to say it has to be done with any perfection 😉 It has something to offer anyone at any level and it continues to give with time, reflection and practice. It is completely easy to follow due to beautifully guided description, meditation and video. It really was life changing for me and I have no doubt that with more use I will continue to grow and change into the authentic person I have always wanted to be. I have been down many many roads in my goal to accomplish this and this has exceeded most if not all of those roads.“ Cheryl Eskra, Saint Paul, Minnesota

“This is such a beautiful and releasing experience. We all carry unnecessary burdens and cling to them until we say “yes” to one of life’s opportunities to unburden ourselves. This was one such opportunity and I’m so grateful for this opening door (and I’ve learned more doors ahead are waiting to open up) and for Sarah’s clear, wise and professional attitude throughout the process. In this process we heal ourselves – it’s a very personal, whole-hearted experience – but there’s a thread that comes with us to guide us to the efficient way and uplift us so we don’t get lost, demotivated, skip any step or jump off track. Thank you for being that thread, Sarah!” Isabel, Madeira

“I’ve done it twice so far and cannot describe just how helpful it has been in my life.”

“I will be using this process many more times and I really hope so many other people will! Again, thank YOU for living your mission in a way that helps to enlighten and beautify lives all over the world.

Imagine again, just for a moment, how different you will feel…

1000663_432520413559381_168347284_n..when your heart is open. You will feel loving and life will truly be sweeter. You will  smile more spontaneously, so much lighter and more understanding. You will no longer feel afraid or powerless because you will know you have the tools and wisdom to turn around any challenge that comes along – and discover even more of your true self in the process.

And other people will be reacting to you differently too. Where there was coldness and disconnection you will now find warmth, openness and a willingness to heal. Someone may even surprise you – someone you had completely given up on.

And above all, you will feel more authentically yourself than ever before. With each relationship you heal, you feel more deeply connected to life. As you let go of your own negativity, you find  you shine more, love more and are more easily loved too.

“This would have to be one of the most liberating experiences EVER.” Tiffany Litherland

Just in case it sounds too good to be true…

Sometimes I watch people’s faces when I tell them what’s possible for them. I see how they want this change almost more than anything else in the world, but then the fear comes that they will be disappointed, or that it won’t work for them.

If you’ve tried a lot of different courses and feel you’ve often moved forward 5 steps, only to fall back 4 steps again, I understand your fear, especially when it comes to your heart, or a close relationship.

My experience is that there is no miracle cure for all of life. You can sometimes experience a miraculous change, or often a more steady change, but it is the willingness to be patient and persistent that makes most difference.

The knowledge in this course changed my life because it showed me how to take responsibility for myself and my own experience and never be a victim again. I use this knowledge on a daily basis and continue to build on it all the time.

There is enough depth in this course, if you put your heart into your learning, to open up all areas of your life so you feel love for yourself, love for others and love for your life on a daily basis. But to reach this you need to apply what you learn over and over again, growing your understanding and experience patiently, and with some humor and self-forgiveness along the way. It is enormously rewarding and I will be there all the time to answer questions and support you.

I believe this knowledge is truly priceless. Now is your chance to find the key that will unlock your heart.

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Wishing you love and happiness


Sarah-Signature-1-blue small

Sarah McCrum, energy coach, and founder of Heart of Healing

P.S. Learning how to open your heart is the key to feeling truly alive.

“Oh, I have so much forgiving and hugging to do.”


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