Your Greatest Potential



Imagine the small seed of a huge tree. It’s buried in the ground. The soil is becoming warm. The air is moist.

There’s a slight stirring, a tiny expansion, a movement and from one day to the next a root is pushing down into the earth.

Let me ask you a question.

Was the seed broken when it lay in the ground, dormant? Was there something wrong with it, because it wasn’t a tree yet? Was it sick because it was small and cold?

Now imagine the same seed a few days later. There’s a shoot pushing out of the soil. The shoot is producing leaves. The leaves are growing up towards the sun.

Is the tree sick because it has only two leaves? Is it damaged because it has no trunk yet, no branches, no flowers? Is it inferior because it has no fruit or seeds.

Imagine the seedling now a few weeks later. It has 5 leaves and a tangle of roots – so proud of itself, standing tall beside the grass.

Has the seedling reached its peak, because it’s taller than the grass? Has it finally achieved its full potential, because it has 5 leaves?

Does it have any idea of who it really is? Or what it’s going to become? 

Do you have any idea who you really are and who you’re going to become?

Or what it’s going to take to get there?

Or what might change along the way?

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