3 ways to make prayers and requests for divine help more effective

angelI want to write about praying and how to ask for what you want from a divine source, because I have watched so many people fail in their requests. Now this is a topic on which there is always more to learn, so this is only my observation and experience so far. But I have experienced so much failure and success in my own life and seen both in so many other people that I can say there is a science of prayer which is well worth exploring.

1. If you’re really desperate just pray for help.

The biggest mistake most people make is to pray from a position of desperation. I personally find that the best prayer when I am really desperate is totally simple: “Please God (or whoever you want to address) help me.” That is all I ask for until I feel better. When you feel really desperate there is very little point in asking for anything specific (money, healing, solutions to problems). You have lost any sense of solutions being possible and all you need at this stage is to establish some connection with the Divine. Get the line open so a little light can shine into your situation. If you keep it simple at this stage it works very fast and you can feel better within seconds or minutes. Once you feel better you can start to get more specific.

2. Ask directly and keep yourself out of the way.

A very common way of praying is to ask for help to do something or get something. “Please help me make more money.” “Please help me find a job.” “Please help me find a relationship.” It’s OK to ask like this but I have found that the results usually come very slowly. It is much more powerful to ask directly. “Please bring me $3,000.” “Please pay my rent.” “Please get me a job.” “Please bring me a relationship.” There’s a simple reason why this works better. When you have to do all the work yourself it is slow and complicated because you do not know much about how to get a relationship or money or a job. If you knew already you would not be praying for it. But whoever you are praying to (God, your Higher Self, Energy, Divine Consciousness, the Light or anything else) knows very well how to arrange it and can do it directly. If you let them get on with the job they can find ways we could not even conceive of. We tend to get in the way when we try to do it ourselves which slows everything down. Being direct with prayers and requests for help works much faster for me.

3. Avoid subservience

I have not found it helpful to have a subservient attitude to the Divine. I prefer to see it as a partnership, a two way communication process, where we both play our parts and show up fully for each other. I ask for what I want because that is my part and because I can. My requests are fulfilled because that is the nature of life and the divine order of things. It is not a question of what I deserve or whether I am a good enough person (and it took me a long time to figure that out). For me by far the most important thing is to keep developing and exploring the partnership, and that is virtually impossible if I do not feel worthy of it.

Of course prayer is not only about getting stuff, but I find that getting stuff by asking a divine source is a wonderful and magical way to do it. It makes me feel so grateful. If I am honest it doesn’t feel like prayer in the traditional way at all. It is more like a conversation and that’s what I love about it. It’s alive. It’s not a formula. It changes all the time. And there are constant surprises.


  1. Sarah,
    This is perfect. I believe that you are so completely correct in what you are saying. To have uncomplicated, sincere, and conversational like communication with the ‘Divine’ is far more effective.

    To plead in desperation seems to only burden the heart more… I used to cry, pleading at the moon sometimes and found that all I was left with was a heaviness and exhausted feeling throughout my mind, body and soul.

    Now I find that if I relax and calm down first, listen to a nice piece of meditation music or therapy… then I find ‘real’ space within myself, a clearing of sorts, that will allow new energy in, new healing to expand… fear and desperation seems to only consume us leaving little room for anything to expand, anything to take over and heal us. It has always worked miracles to open up and let the healing energy in to works its magic and free us of our pains and angst.

    Thank you again for this inspiring post. So much truth therein.

    Love TL xx

  2. Sarah,
    What a great way to pray, i could not agree more This is the confidence we have in God, that , when we ask anything He hears us. God wants to give us our Hearts desire and to stay in Communion with Him for all things. I love #1: If you’re really desperate just pray for help”. I love it because i believe He already knows our Hearts desire and wants to give us what we ask for, according to his will and our reason for being here in the first place. Thank You for being such a bright light in this world Sarah, I count you as a Blessing and a wise teacher.

    Love and Light,


    • Thank you, Kim. I found it such a relief to let go of the ‘desperate way’ of praying that I hear so often. there was a phrase that used to ring in my head from my childhood: “I am not worthy so much as to pick up the crumbs beneath Thy table” and I always felt that prayer was somehow a way of begging for a few of those crumbs. No wonder it was not very powerful or enjoyable, let alone having any chance of creating peace inside me 🙂

  3. Very good.I would like to communicate more strongly and meet my guardian angel again.Use your advice and help.



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