Discover Your Superpower Replay

with Aleksandra Dorann


Superpower Report


– description of your original, lifelong special ability,

– description of your 15 year special ability

– description of your special ability of the current year

– guidance on how to apply this knowledge in your daily life

– advice on how to use your abilities in your career

– key action you need to take to bring out your ability

– direction to face when invoking your superpower

Please note, your report may take up to two weeks to prepare and will be sent to you by email.

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Superpower Report with Consultation

You receive the report, as above, and a 60 minute consultation with Aleksandra Dorann, via Skype or phone, where she will give you a fuller understanding of your abilities and how you can use them to best effect in your life. You can ask any questions you like and get guidance on any aspect of your special abilities.

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