child holding, pet beagle puppy dogThis is an experimental recording of a “story relaxation” to help children feel happy without having to get overexcited. It was inspired by Jade, who’s 11 and gave me the key elements to the story.

It may also help children to relax and calm down.

It’s most likely to appeal to children in the 7 to 11 age range. It would be good if your child would listen to it several times, maybe every day for a few days. It should have more effect that way.

I’d love any feedback in the comments below – positive or negative. I want to find out if kids enjoy it and also if they benefit from it. Any feedback directly from them is also welcome.

You can stream the audio by left clicking the button, or right click to download it.

Please note: this is an experiment and I am here to learn how to make relaxation work for kids. So I really welcome your help and suggestions. It’s a work in progress!



  1. I work with a therapist at a sexual assault center; I am working on my issues of PTSD and other trauma. I listened to this last night after I tucked myself in to bed. I think this is awesome! Towards the end you could use glitter instead of liquid gold. I loved the bird and cherry pie. Brilliant! I have forwarded this to my therapist and perhaps this could help children at the sexual assault center too. They see children 13 yrs and up. Thank you Sarah!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Jessica. It’s interesting that it is also working for an adult (I presume?). I had not thought of that. I sometimes talk about sparkles all through the body with kids, which is rather like your glitter. Please let me know if you get any further feedback.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I have put it on for my girls 4 nights in a row they are 8 and 9. They really like it and gave me a break from singing my made up song to them. They don’t say much about it or can remember how it made them feel.however, tonight My youngest asked if we could put fluffy cloud on after reading instead of asking me to sing to her and tickle her.looks like I’m out. She falls asleep generally very fast every night. Lashaya listens all the way through, she doesn’t go to sleep quickly. So I will continue to use to see if it quietens her mind to go sleep quicker. I have listened twice now but have fallen asleep too quickly to get past the first 1 minute I think and my mind is usually operating on overdrive when I go to bed. Thank you.

    • Kylie, that’s so nice to hear. I will record one specifically for sleep at some stage as well, as this was more for encouraging a quieter kind of happiness in children. So watch out to see if they are more peaceful during the day as well. And I”m delighted you are falling asleep so quickly! Maybe I need to make kids relaxation for adults :-)


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