Howard Wills Prayers

If you want to start a daily spiritual practice it is helpful to have guidance to begin with. Howard Wills is a healer who has written some very powerful prayers that lead you naturally into a high state of consciousness by reading them aloud. It takes about 20 minutes to read all of them and it is a great way to start praying. If you want to pray spontaneously try reading these first. Your own prayers will probably feel much more powerful once you are at that higher vibration.

They are also really good for practising forgiveness and love when someone has hurt you or upset you.

Some people say these prayers many times throughout the day if they need urgent help with healing or handling a crisis.

You can find the prayers at


  1. Please share

    • Beautiful prayers.
      They were effective within just a few days of using them.
      Much easier for me to love people and people more loving towards me too.
      The prayers make me feel high.
      And help to create a connection with God.
      I love them and hope to share them with everyone.
      Thank you Howard for being on earth and healing the world.
      You are sensational and I live you.
      God Bless you.

    • Too bad the site appears to be gone. I’ve gone there for years to read them.

  2. Positive Thinking.
    Love and Happiness.

  3. Sorry…..I meant to say…..I love you Howard.

  4. And my good friend,Wayne loves you too.


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