Someone close to you may be struggling with this every day of their lives

A lemon bath helps to release negative energy

A lemon bath helps to release negative energy

It is important because it is causing huge suffering in ‘normal’ families everywhere, and no one knows what to do about it.

Vast amounts of money are being spent medicating people and treating people with a huge range of therapies, without doing the one thing that really needs to come first.

Let’s first describe some of the signs that this is an issue and then I will explain what is really going on and how to solve it. Any one of these signs is enough – you do not need to experience all of them!

  • You say or think really negative things that don’t feel or sound like you (you may wonder where it’s coming from)
  • You experience rage or out of control responses, often unjustified by the situation
  • You sometimes behave in a highly irrational, destructive manner, with consequences that you truly regret, and which appears to be out of character
  • Uncontrollable temper tantrums (especially in young children)
  • You are depressed, hopeless or despairing
  • You have very dark feelings of self-hatred
  • You wish you could kill yourself
  • You hear extremely negative voices in your head
  • You feel as if there is someone else living inside you who is very negative or dark
  • You are really shocked at some of the thoughts that go on inside you
  • You are struggling with addiction
  • You have a strong resistance to the Light and anything spiritual
  • And so on

Here is what is happening. When most of us die we pass on to the Light (ie we carry on our journey in some way – it’s not important exactly what happens). Some people are afraid to go on to the Light. This is usually because they have done something in their life of which they are very ashamed and they are afraid they will be punished or go to Hell after they die. So the astral body (or energy body) stays behind.

That astral body, I will call it an entity, always has very low consciousness (higher consciousness humans are not afraid to go to the Light), and it is unable to express itself without a body. So there are two possibilities:

  1. Some entities hang around certain places – they are what we call ghosts.
  2. Other entities attach themselves to the energy body of living human beings and ‘speak’ through them.

An entity can only attach itself to a person who is in the same state of consciousness. So for example, if you are experiencing hatred, you can attract an entity that is full of hatred. If you are in a state of jealousy you can attract a very jealous entity. There are many different types (including impatient, sad, raging, apathetic, lustful, guilty, ashamed etc). They all trigger very strong states of negativity.

Once they are attached it is difficult to get rid of them.  It takes around 3 weeks of being in a very positive place to release them (they get bored because they can’t express themselves) but when you have an entity attached to you it is almost impossible to maintain that kind of positivity for so long, because you experience such dark thoughts and feelings.

They are very common. It is estimated that around 70% of people have them – and you can have several at once. You can have them for many years. I had one for a long time myself without realising it, even after I had been learning about energy for a long time. Sometimes young children or babies pick them up as well.They cause absolute havoc for individuals and their families.

People who are very sensitive or have a natural healing ability often pick them up more easily, because they are open to so many different influences.

The following situations are all caused or exacerbated by entities: insanity and mental illness, depression, intoxication, addiction, rage, violence. But you can get them without any of these as well.

What to do about this?
There are a couple of ways of dealing with entities – and most people never do any of these, which is why it is such a massive problem.

One major thing to watch out for. When a person has an entity they are likely to resist and refuse any attempt to help them. Entities are afraid of the light, and afraid of positivity, and they can make it very difficult if they feel threatened. Often a friend or family member is needed to support the person to get help.

  1. Get an expert to send it to the Light. This is a skill that needs to be properly learned and can only be done by someone who is able to access a certain level of consciousness. Many people who remove entities do not send them to the Light, but just move them on so they can go to someone else, which is not much point. It only takes about 5 or 10 minutes to remove one or several entities in most cases, so it is not a big deal.
  2. Starve them of negativity by praying a lot, spending time in spiritual places and keeping your state of consciousness high (ie positive) all the time for 3 weeks or more. This is extremely challenging unless you have spent time training and developing your spirituality (and even then it is extremely challenging, but more possible).
  3. You can also call on Archangel Jeremiel to remove them and Archangel Michael to protect you from getting more. Again it is not easy to do alone, because entities are very resistant to the Light.
  4. A lemon bath is generally good for releasing negative energy, although probably not strong enough for this – but still good to do from time to time. Cut up 3 lemons and put them in a bucket of water. Leave for at least one hour. Then add to a hot bath and stay in it for at least 20 minutes. It may sting – in which case have a shower afterwards.
  5. Prevention is the main thing, especially once you have got clear. You can do this through prayer and spiritual connection, asking Archangel Michael to protect you and keeping clear of any kind of intoxication.

This may all sound a bit of a catch-22, because it is so difficult to do anything once you have one. They sap your will and spiritual connection.

However, I am drawing your attention to it because it is possible to remove them, and it is not difficult. It is usually not done, and people may suffer their whole lives as a result. So I am raising awareness of the issue.

I can remove them and know several other people who can too. We are all willing to help. So if you suspect this is an issue for yourself or someone you know, or you have questions, please get in touch.

I feel it is time to open up this topic – even if some people might find it very questionable. I have seen the instant and lasting benefit of releasing them, and that is more powerful than any cynicism or pseudo-scientific rationalisation.

It would make so much difference to so many people if we start to deal with this issue, which has a simple solution. It doesn’t mean that all your problems will go away. But it means you will be able to recover normally and build a solid foundation for health and happiness without it being wrecked every time you make a little bit of progress.

I would like to ask you to share this if you know someone who needs it and please feel free to get in contact if you have questions.

If you think you or someone you know has an entity I can remove them. I usually do it in a 30 minute private session over skype. If it is someone else, they do not need to attend the session, although it is best if they do. Otherwise someone close to them can come instead. There is no interference with your energy and it is a simple process, carried out in silence through a guided relaxation. You will probably feel very good and most people report a tangible shift following the session. It can be done for children and babies as well. Please contact me if you would like to know more or book a session.

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  1. Can a lost soul/negative entity hang around a house and is it possible for them to speak to a human in a humans voice into the head of the human…can they use their negative energy to zap a human and make them feel really sick instantly? There is known technology called V2K (voice to skull) where projecting sound into a persons head and making them hear voices this does exist and it is being done to innocent people …im trying to figure out if what im experiencing is demonic or technology or possibly both.



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